Organize for Action


The key steps to prepare yourself and others for any type of emergency:

  • Your identity - organizing your most vital documents

  • Your relationships - creating a plan to reach those most important to you

  • Your valuables - accounting for your valuables and possessions

  • Your emergency plan

  • Your emergency supplies

  • Your community resources and support systems

Remember to exercise your muscle of preparedness regularly. None of us know where we will be when an emergency happens and whether we will be the one giving or the one receiving assistance. It is important that we each be prepared to care for ourselves, and to offer assistance to others, when the need arises.

The Team Approach:

  • Partnership is the only way - this is NOT a one-person assignment

  • Assess the skills and strengths of your staff

  • Choose a team of committed, action-oriented, result-producing individuals

  • Create a structure for fulfillment with regularly scheduled meetings, tasks and due dates

  • Management much be involved - you are ultimately responsible!

Workplace Team Assignments:

  • Identify and assess vulnerabilities and capabilities.

  • Create a current, up-to-date emergency plan

  • Develop a communications plan

  • Designate an alternative operations site

  • Check office space for hazards and mitigate

  • Have first aid and emergency supply kits full and current

  • Schedule regular practice drills

  • Conduct regularly scheduled staff trainings on evacuation, CPR/first aid/defibrillator, fire, etc

Exercise the "Team Muscle of Preparedness" - it makes a difference!


Preparedness Resources

American Red Cross

CDC - Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency

Citizen Corps - The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

NOAA - National Weather Service

USGS - United States Geological Survey

NOD - National Organization on Disability


"... you are a significant part of this operation and I personally sleep better at night knowing that when the day comes for us to respond to a major emergency here at home you will be right there providing relief to our own community, and for that I thank you ..."

- American Red Cross Bay Area