Organize for Action

Professional Speaking Engagements:

  • Basic Disaster Preparedness Presentations

  • Specific Preparedness Trainings
    • Natural disasters
    • Functional needs
    • Utilizing and managing trained volunteers
    • Mobilizing spontaneous volunteers
    • Practice drills and exercises
    • Community resources

Disaster & Emergency Prepardedness Training:

  • Program design, development and review

  • CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Trainer

  • People with disabilities and functional needs

Community and Corporate Preparedness Planning:

  • Disaster preparedness-related project and event coordination

  • Emergency plan development

  • Staff training

  • Resource guidance

Disaster Planning for People with Disabilities and Functional Needs


Samples of Speaking Engagements/Presentations

San Francisco KRON-4 TV News Interview : Preparedness tips following a major emergency. 2003. Duration: ~4 minutes.


KTSF Channel 26 Chinese TV: Interview on the AmeriCorps Local Emergency Response Team program through City College of San Francisco. 2006. Duration: ~12 minutes.


TV Tokyo documentary: Segment of JoAnn Scordino preparing a family in their home for earthquake prepardeness. 1995. Duration: ~7 minutes 30 seconds.