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A company designed to serve communities, organizations and individuals to live in a disaster resilient and sustainable way with each other, our resources and our communities.

Are you organized in a way that supports your personal life, business and community activities?

  • Are you prepared to survive and thrive after either a personal emergency or large-scale disaster by having:

    • Rapid access to your most vital documents?
    • A plan to communicate with the most important people in your life?
    • A record of your most important possessions and valuables?
    • Extra water, food and other essential supplies?
    • Training in how to care for yourself and others?

  • Are you living everyday in a sustainable, resource friendly way which?

    • Allows for conserving our earths most precious resources.
    • Prepares you to survive in difficult times.

  • Are you engaging with your personal networks and community in a way that is both empowering and increases the safety net for all?

  • Are you organized for action?

We engage with you to answer these questions and assess your readiness plans.



ShakeOutAs the chairperson of the California ShakeOut's Disability/Access Functional Needs (AFN) committee, I facilitated a series of discussions with community leaders and stakeholders that resulted in the development and creation of the "Earthquake Preparedness Guide for People with Disabilities and Other Access or Functional Needs".


The guide is available in PDF and RTF formats.



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"We very much appreciate your efforts to help the Institute's Collaborative Governance Initiative carry message to local officials in California about the value and importance of engaging residents in disaster planning and response."
~ Carmen Pereira, Institue for Local Government

Emergency Preparedness in the Neighborhood: Engaging Residents as Partners in Disaster Planning and Response (excerpt):
"JoAnn Scordino, a Certified Emergency Manager with San Mateo County, stressed that there are many different ways to effectively involve residents in emergency preparedness efforts."

JoAnn speaking at San Mateo County Training Workshop JoAnn speaking with school-age children about the importance of emgergency prepardedness.
(l) JoAnn speaking at the San Mateo County Train the Trainers workshop for people with disabilities and older adults. (r) Demonstrating the importance of educating children, JoAnn speaks at a school safety fair she co-created.

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